The world’s two largest panel makers, Samsung Display (SDI, Samsung Display) and LG Display (LGD, LGD), results in the third quarter of 2014 could be different.

Due to the LCD panel market better, LGDisplay Q3 operating profit in the quarter may be much higher than expected;And because since the first quarter of series of samsung’s Galaxy smartphone sales performance is tanking, samsung display company might appear again big losses.

On September 16, according to south Korean brokerage agencies and a number of estimates, LG display company in Q3 to about 500 billion won (about 2.96 billion yuan, the data are for reference only, deal with the bank counter, clinch a deal valence shall prevail) in operating profit, higher than the market average forecast of 400 billion won.

According to the home network (HEA. CN) understand, benefit apple’s new iphone global sale in succession, LG display will serve as the apple core panel suppliers, have huge profit opportunities.In addition, LG phone sales growth, at the end of north American business, LCD panel prices continue to rise, will significantly improve LGD operating profit.

In contrast, samsung display aspect, agency predicted the company may arise in the third quarter of this year of about 120 billion won (about 710 million yuan) huge losses.

Among them, the samsung LCD monitor department is expected to achieve 80 billion won (about 470 million yuan) operating profit, but for the samsung wireless business smartphone product supply samsung display of OLED panel products division may appear 200 billion won (about 1.18 billion yuan) huge losses.

According to the home grid (HEA. CN) refer to LGD official report, LGD to achieve revenue of about $5.83 billion in the second quarter of this year, its operating profit of about $160 million, 42% of the shipment for the second quarter LGDisplay company TV with LCD panel.

In addition to LG display, TCL group, huaxing photoelectric (CSOT) and Beijing (indicate) is becoming the BOE “excavator” samsung market share.

TCL chairman li dongsheng said in the middle of August this year, in the second quarter of this year huaxing photoelectric T1 project shipments has occupied 10% of the global market, the industry share the top five, and operational indicators such as operating profit margin, net profit margin for six consecutive quarterly industry ranked first, more than the giants such as samsung and LG.

Boe, according to the home network (HEA. CN) refer to the company’s annual report, in the first half of the four boe operating production line keep full pin full production, especially the large size products cause bigger contribution.Companies in the first half of this year net profit of 1.042 billion yuan, up 21.22% from a year earlier.

With the rise of Chinese panel makers, will bring samsung display company continued market impact.